Monday, May 16, 2016

About Vicki and Her Blog

Hello, I’m Vicki Kron.  I’m a Type 2 Diabetes Coach and Advocate

I’m a Type 2 Diabetes Coach and Advocate

I help Type 2 Diabetics manage and control their diabetes, reverse diabetic nerve damage and relieve diabetic complications.

I’ll help you attain your diabetes and weight-loss goals.  You will lower your blood sugar, your A1C counts will return to normal; your blood sugar counts will start the downward spiral until you can have normal blood or near-normal blood sugar readings.

The reversal process for your diabetes complications will begin, and as you stick with the program, your body will begin the healing process.  Those uncomfortable and painful diabetic complications will start to lessen and return to prediabetes states.

Want to Lose Weight?  Stick with me, we will do it together.

Do you also need to lose weight?  I’ve got a perfect diabetic diet to shed fat fast and lower your blood glucose and A1C counts to your non-diabetic levels.  This is how I achieved my weight loss and continue to manage my diabetes.  I’ve lost 50 pounds so far, brought my A1C blood test down to 5.9%.   By managing my blood sugar levels and taking the right supplements I’ve reversed and am controlling my peripheral neuropathy.  

Then, after 3 years, I began a downward spiral, I started eating sugars and grains, and my weight began to climb. When I had gained 30 pounds back I decided to get back down to business, and that’s where you find me now.  Down 8 pounds, beginning an exercise program, and eating the foods that will bring my body back to the healthy state I was in prior to the weight gain. 

Weight loss happens quickly on this program, and because it’s a fat burning process, the pounds will melt away.  I will be burning away the fat yet retaining lean body muscle.

Journey to A New You

Join me in my journey, and we will both achieve more than we ever thought we could.